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LEVEL Series has a distinctive stair design that will provide multiple ways for you to hold the products. Wanting to focus on a feeling of warmth while being in the entryway, natural materials such as maple wood and warm tone leather was used. 

The height of the foot stool will not only provide you with a good distance to fix your shoe, but to also sit down and be utilized as a seating stool. The foot stool has a storage space inside that has the perfect length to place your shoes

LEVEL Series

A set of accessories that will bring an experience in the entryway of you home. The set consist a shoe horn, brush, and foot stool. The LEVEL series is ready to give a push on the interaction with your shoes to the next level.   


The product was focused to create an experience in the entryway of your home. Spaces such as the entryway are under utilized in many households, which came the idea to bring the entryway to life.

LEVEL pictures 2.png

There was a total of three products: Shoe horn, Shoe brush, and a foot stool. Each products working together to create an interaction with the space in the entryway.  

LEVEL pictures 3-01.png

Concept Sketch

LEVEL pictures 4.png


It was important to understand the hand positions of each product, which can lead to a shape that consist the most comfort while holding the shoe horn and the brush.


The foot stool started with the process of understanding the right proportion and the weight. The materials starting with a .25 to .125 steel, which has significantly reduced the weight on the stool.

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LEVEL picture 6.png
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