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MEU Stool

Breaking the tradition of a high  stool, MEU bring a unique level of height on reading. The low seating of the stool will provide a different views compared to others around you, which can bring a sense of your own space.   

MEU's warm color tones and the natural maple wood, it provides a sense of tranquility in your own reading space. The wide seating space will maximize comfort to anyone that wants to enjoy a quick read or for a long period of time. 

To fully enjoy and be immersed in your own reading area, MEU provides a small area of storage / table to hold your books or to place your drinks and snacks. This

is very simply done by removing the small cushion out from the side.     

Meu pictures 2.png

Discover your most comfortable position, the wide seating will provide many ways to enjoy different positions of seating. Using the wall as a back rest or using the small cushion as a arm rest, there is no limit in finding the best comfortable position to enjoy your reading. 

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Inspired by Scandinavian designs and Korean style daybeds. MEU is bringing a whole new perspective on creating your own reading space. 

Prototype Sketches

Wanting to create a stool that creates a space that differs from others. The idea of placing the stool in a low position was thought of. Everyone that may see you in a lower position, will create a sensation of yourself being in a different space than others. 

meu sketches-01.jpg
Meu pictures 4.png

The final prototype was created by using the CNC machine to create a cut out to place the cushions. Adding the long runners will also provide better stability when someone sits on the stool. The side wooden piece was bent with plywood with a mold and finished by covering with maple veneer sheets. 


The prototype was mainly focused on understanding the right amount of surface area and height for people to not feel discomfort while seating on the stool. Also on how to integrate the storage/table area, to place small personal belongings. 

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